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Fitsquad Boot Camp


Fitness Bootcamp

Personal Trainer In Auckland

If you want to get fit, make friends, and have fun, why not do so with a professional and experienced personal trainer in Auckland in one or more of four beautiful locations?

Fitsquad's Bootcamp is the fitness solution for anyone who wants superior personal training results at only a fraction of the cost.

Our innovative afterburn workout formula combines various science-based training methods to spike your metabolism and accelerate it for up to 36 hours. In addition, your body will enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day, burning extra calories even while you sleep.

In addition, our programs are suitable for all fitness levels, ages and genders. So join Fitsquad now and take advantage of no contracts, hidden fees, or dramas.

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No contracts, no hidden fees, no dramas.




Olivia Crump.jpg

Olivia Crump

Working up a sweat in the outdoor scenery and fresh air is a blessing after being inside all day! FitSquad Bootcamp is highly inclusively and the trainers are very friendly and supportive. It’s so uplifting to be a part of a community which helps to support your overall well-being!


Caitlin Ryan

I’ve been doing FitSquad bootcamp for 3 years and counting. Prior to that I spent years trying gym memberships, classes and self motivation but never found something that I could stick too. There is a sense of community and group support that motivates me to make it each morning, and now exercise is something I look forward to!"

Craig Lister.jpg

Craig Lister

I’ve been going to FitSquad Bootcamp for 4 years and not only is it great fitness it’s a team environment as well , we all get in and work hard, not one training is like the other (always different). Raphael always pushes for your best potential and understands any injuries that you may have to mould exercise around them. I recommend the FitsQuad environment for your mind and body"

Class Schedule


Our goal is to make sure you’re safe, happy, and making progress with every second of every bootcamp workout!


What to Expect From Our Unique Bootcamp in Auckland?

We offer as many weekly sessions as you prefer, across four stunning locations, including complimentary online workouts.
In addition:

  • Discover our Fitsquad Bootcamp PT group sessions: Being surrounded by like-minded people makes everything easier and more enjoyable. You'll also be in safe hands as we'll check your form at every step to ensure you get the maximum benefit from each exercise while staying safe.  

  •  If you can't make it to in-person boot camps, you won't be left out: We offer online sessions and an online workout library so that nothing gets in the way of your fitness goals. In addition, we apply our same exceptional training philosophy to our online workouts to help you get outstanding results anywhere, anytime.

  • Our high-quality equipment keeps you and us ahead of the curve: Our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment will keep you motivated while targeting every muscle in your body.

  • Benefit from our low-risk, high-reward training approach: We check your form to optimise outcomes and avoid injury, including modifying exercises for you if you have any pre-existing concerns. 

  • Enjoy our conveniently flexible hours: We run 21 sessions each week in different locations to facilitate access to our workouts, no matter your schedule or situation. This accessibility, combined with our online training, allows you the flexibility to complete your desired number of workouts in the way that best fits your weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule.

  • A social network: Our social activities can help keep you fit while ensuring you have a good time in our friendly and supportive fitness community. For example, we run kayak sessions to Rangitoto, Tongariro crossing hikes, surf lessons, tough mudder obstacle races, and more.

  • Our challenging and inclusive Bootcamp sessions are also competitively priced - from only $5.10 per session.

Why Choose Us for Effective Personal Training in Auckland?

Our principal trainer has over 21 years of experience in the fitness industry and has dedicated his life to fitness training and preparation based on up-to-date scientific evidence.
Raphael's journey in the fitness industry began in the Brazilian army, where he was responsible for training large teams as a lieutenant at 19 years. After that, he completed his bachelor of science in physical education and a post-graduate degree in exercise physiology.
After working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Brazil for eight years, Raphael moved to New Zealand in 2010. He has coached various clients, from beginners to national athletes, and is passionate about helping you become as fit and healthy as possible. 
So, get ready for increased fitness, strength, and fat loss. Join Raphael today: choose a Fitsquad Bootcamp package that suits you and start your free trial.

Fitness Group



Great Price

From only $4.50 per session, choose a bootcamp package that suits you.
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Our wide range of high quality equipment will keep you motivated while targeting every muscle in your body!


Low Risk, High Reward Training

We will check your form every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit out of each exercise while staying safe. We can even modify exercises for you if you have any pre-existing injuries. 


Flexible hours

We run 21 sessions each week in 5 different locations. This combined with online workouts, will allow you the flexibility to get your desired number of workouts in any way that works best with your weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule.


Raphael has over 21+ years experience in the fitness industry and has dedicated his life to fitness training and preparation based on up-to-date scientific evidence.

Raphael's journey in the fitness industry began in the Brazilian army. At just 19 years of age, Raphael became a Lieutenant and was the fitness trainer of large teams of Soldiers and Sergeants.  Raphael completed his bachelor of science in physical education and then was invited to complete a post graduate degree in exercise physiology. In Brazil he worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 8 years. Then in 2010 he moved to New Zealand. During his time as a personal trainer he has coached a variety of clients from true beginners, to national athletes. At fitsquad, Raphael has the goal of helping you be as fit and healthy as you can be! Are you ready?

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Body weight workout
Carly Chan.jpeg

Carly Chan

I've been doing Raphael's bootcamp sessions for over 5 years now. 


Raph makes each class really fun, the variety of equipment he uses keeps 

each session challenging and different every time. I love that there's such a great sense of community too.


Thanks to Raph I've seen a 

massive improvement in my fitness and overall health, going to bootcamp is something I look forward to!


Hayden Wells

I joined the Team at FitSquad over 4years ago - with a focus to improve my functional fitness, loose weight and resolve several injuries. 

My choice to stay and continue with bootcamp has been because of the community, and the opportunity to workout in some of Aucklandís iconic outdoor 

spaces. The diversity of the training is great, and Raphael and his team are always ready to give guidance, help with form, and push you a 

little harder to help achieve your goals.

Fitness couple

James Muir

I've been working out with Raphael since 2015. I've always been an active person but had not been able to stick to any fitness routine for about 

15 years - to my surprise the friendly group sessions and functional no-nonsense (but still fun) routines kept me coming back. I'm in the best 

shape I've been in for years and really notice the huge difference when getting out mountain biking and snow boarding!

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