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If you’re ready to sculpt your body into the shape you know it can be and move with confidence again, our online personal trainer paired with tailored nutrition is here to help you, conveniently, get the results you’re after. I help people over 40yo to lose 15kg+ of unwanted belly fat with delicious tailored meal plans and short metabolic workouts.


Experience the Flexibility of Working Out Anywhere, Anytime With (Our Personal Trainers Online) Raphael Victoria.

Whether you want to lose fat or build strength, Raphael designs personalized workouts to enhance your metabolism and energy levels by improving your endurance and strength. Besides his experience, here’s what else you can look forward to when you engage with Raphael:
●        All fitness levels. Raphael can design suitable sessions for beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. So, whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or are a competing athlete, he will cater to your individual needs.
●        Qualified trainer Raphael has a degree, post degree, and over 20 certifications, as well as  over two decades of experience in the fitness industry and use science-based training methods to deliver timeous and desired results
Our fitness sessions boost your energy levels and are challenging enough to make you burn calories while you sleep. Our clients commend us for the variety where we plan each class to address different areas of the body.

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