At Fitsquad, your fitness and well-being is our top priority!

Fitsquad is the fitness solution for anyone who wants the results of personal training at only a fraction of the cost. Our afterburn workout formula combines different science-based training methods. We aim to spike your metabolism and keep it running at an accelerated rate for up to 36 hours after the workout. Your body will enjoy higher energy levels throughout the day and you will burn extra calories even during your sleep! Our programs are suitable for ALL fitness levels, ages, and genders.  

Fitsquad in-person Bootcamp is a 45-minute group session. Once you are surrounded by like-minded people everything becomes easier...and more enjoyable! We will check your form every step of the way to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit out of each exercise whilst staying safe. We can even modify exercises for you if you have any prior injuries. We run 21 sessions a week in 5 different locations. This combined with online workouts, will allow you the flexibility to get your desired number of workouts in any way that works best with your weekly, monthly, and yearly schedule. At Fitsquad you are supervised by qualified trainers with extensive experience and also have a common love for fitness with our members. We offer the full experience including a wide range of gear: kettlebells, slam balls, hurdles, power bags, speed ladders, harnesses, ... and boom! You are going to have the variety your body needs for great results.

If you can't make it to in-person bootcamps, you won't be left out. We also offer online sessions and an online workout library so that nothing gets in the way of your fitness goals. Our same training philosophy is applied to our online workouts. This way, you can get the same greats results anywhere, anytime.


On top of our sessions, we run social activities that will keep you fit while ensuring that you have a good time in our fitness community. We run kayak sessions to Rangitoto, Tongariro crossing hikes, surf lessons, tough mudder obstacle races, and many more!

"I am passionate for fitness and sports, and love what I do."
Raphael Victoria

Raphael Victoria

Raphael has over 18+ years experience in the fitness industry and has dedicated his life to fitness training and preparation based on up-to-date scientific evidence.

Raphael's journey in the fitness industry began in the Brazilian army. Here, his own training started full force, exercising and being pushed to his limits everyday. At just 19 years of age, Raphael became a Lieutenant and was the fitness trainer of large teams of Soldiers and Sergeants.Raphael started strong, but wanted to enrich his training with scientific evidence and research. Raphael completed his bachelor of science in physical education and then was invited to complete a post graduate degree in exercise physiology. During this time, Raphael published two scientific papers, presented at an international conference, and later lectured at the postgraduate level.Raphael used the knowledge gained from his academic endeavours to not only apply it to clients, but to help those in need. He educated the less fortunate in Brazil through sport and fitness in volunteering roles that included school teacher, sports coach, and referee. This work had a big impact on his community and on his own life.In Brazil he worked as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for 8 years. Then he made his big move to New Zealand. Here, he has worked at Les Mills as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 7 years. During his time as a personal trainer he has coached a variety of clients from a true beginner, to national athletes. Ready to take his career to the next step, Raphael started his own bootcamp business which he has been running for 5 years. Now, Raphael is ready to train you. At fitsquad, Raphael goes digital, with the goal of helping you be as fit and healthy as you can be! Are you ready?