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Have you started an exercise program that you need to complement with a healthy diet to achieve optimum results? Perhaps you just want to get into the habit of eating well before you commit to physical training. Our online nutrition advice and personalised meal plans helps you strike a balance between eating according to your physical activity or for fat loss.


Making Perfect Health Easily Accessible With Complete Personalized Meal Plans As Part Of Our Online Pt Package

What you eat is as important as your training programme and balancing the two is key to achieving your health objectives. We help you make effective food choices in line with your exercise regime and based on your fitness goals:

  • For endurance and strength. Our personalised online meal planning includes high-protein foods to help build muscle or, if you’re an athlete, enhance your performance by building your energy reserves.

  • To lose fat. If you aim to shed extra kilograms, we have a custom meal plan that assists with fat loss while sustaining your energy levels.

  • To enjoy! Although the road to optimal fitness requires discipline, it’s a thin line between a challenge and giving up because training is too intense and the food you must eat is unappetising. Our recommended meals incorporate flavour that makes achieving a healthy lifestyle a welcome challenge.

Nutrition is key to fitness but doesn’t have to be a struggle. I make sure you get the nutrition your body needs, you enjoy the results. With Fitlife, there are no generic, one-size-fits-all plans. Your meal plan is uniquely designed and tailored just for YOU. You will tell me your dislikes, allergies, dietary requirements, and goals and you’ll get a plan customised for you. 

As you progress and your body changes, so will your caloric needs. Your plan will update monthly to ensure you enjoy delicious, waist-slimming food as you continue to crush your goals. You’ll get a simple shopping list making things quick and easy - all you have to do is follow the plan and enjoy fitting into the clothes you’ve always wanted! 
We are passionate about fitness, and besides offering personal training online and in-person and complete nutrition, we create a space for individuals where they can achieve their fitness goals in a community of like-minded people with boot camps from a choice of four locations.

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