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Your Summer Body in only 15 days

Today I am going to reveal the secret used by every celebrity trainer. The same method that many athletes use when getting ready for their main events. Carving abs is totally achievable by anyone willing to follow these steps.

We all want shortcuts.

Shortcuts for money, success, and if you are still reading this, of course, a shortcut for your flat abs. If you quickly search on Google or Youtube "6pack in 15 days" you are going to find thousands of blogs and videos telling you how to do it. All the search results will try to sell you an ultra-revolutionary secret to give you overnight results...Just like I've done at the start of this email.

They will offer you special drinks to "melt your body fat", pills to "speed up your metabolism", kits to "detox your body" and belts to tuck your tummy in. They are going to sell magic creams to "firm the body" or miracle fitness equipment you can use at home. If you are looking for that kind of stuff - SORRY BUT I CAN'T HELP YOU. In fact, many companies contact me every month offering me very good commissions to sell these products to my clients. Trainers who do this, usually make loads of money selling extras, but instead, I decide to use my knowledge to educate people. I use science, the information I acquired in my degree, my postgraduate degree, every course I have attended, and the many scientific articles I read. I can confirm that the solution consists of 2 things.

Healthy meal. Optimum nutrition
Countin calories

#1 Keep a negative calorie intake daily

You probably heard that different calorie sources will react differently in your body. Well, it is true, but it is also true you need a negative calorie intake to lose weight. Every day that the calories you eat are lower than the calories you burn:



Low carb diets and intermittent fasting work because both methods cut your calories down. But they are not superior to any other diets. You can lose weight and without being restrictive and you don't need to cut carbs or any food groups of your diet in order to have great results. Don't waste your time, your money, and your health on crazy solutions, ALWAYS LOOK FOR A PROFESSIONAL. Signing up to our FitLife program will ensure you get a personalized meal plan with the foods you like that will sure help you achieve your goals.

You don't need to exercise at all to lose weight, but YOU MUST EXERCISE TO BE HEALTHIER. If you only focus on your diet, you won't feel as good as someone that also exercises. Also if you really want to sculpt your body (abs included), it only happens if you exercise smarter.

#2 Exercise Smarter

In the past 7 years, the number of gyms and health clubs increased by 32%. In the same period obesity rates are growing worldwide and NZ now has the 3rd highest obesity in the OECD. Does the gym make you fat? Of course not. Going to the gym not knowing what you are doing is still better than not exercising at all, but chances are YOU WON'T EXERCISE ENOUGH OR EFFECTIVELY without a good trainer. 

A good workout plan at the right intensity combined with a balanced diet will help you to not lose muscle mass in the process. This will definitely help you lose body fat while shaping your muscles for the ultimate summer look. If you don't have a plan to follow click here to join Fitlife coaching app, the fitness revolution in your pocket.

If it was easy, everyone would look like fitness models. If there was a quick, effortless way to lose weight, obesity rates wouldn't increase every year around the world.  Forget the shortcuts, make better decisions, start moving now and not next week, next month or next year... Make a change NOW.



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