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Slim down with 1 simple hack.

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

A habit that many people have developed over their life’s course is to shovel food into their mouth, one spoonful after the other without a break. It’s as if they’re in a race to see who can finish eating first. Generally, these people tend to have more fat on their bodies, whereas skinnier people will tend to eat more slowly. Let’s find out why.

You get fuller faster when you eat slower. This is because your brain gets a chance to say “I’m full” at a faster rate, as opposed to just shoveling the food in and ending up with a stomach-ache. For us to feel full, the brain needs to receive signals from hormones located in the gastro-intestinal tract. This hormonal signaling system is a complex process by which leptin, and cholecystokinin (CCK) amplify the feeling of fullness. 

It takes a full twenty minutes, however, for the brain to get the signal that you are full. Shoveling the calories into your mouth at a rate of knots is going to massively over supply your food needs. You will end up wearing the excess around your waist. 

When we eat slowly – the hormone leptin interacts with the neurotransmitter dopamine to produce a sensation of pleasure. When we eat too fast, however, dopamine is not released. We derive neither a feeling of fullness nor one of pleasure. This leads us to keep on eating.

Your stomach does not have teeth. So, everything that you put into it has to be broken down. When you eat fast, your body doesn’t have a chance to process the food. As you chew it in your mouth, saliva begins the digestive process. By the time it goes down your throat, a large part of the digestive process has already been accomplished. But, when you simply swallow it down without chewing, you are placing undue stress on your gut. As a result, large pieces of unprocessed food can become trapped in the stomach, leading to gastric discomfort. 

Eating too quickly can also lead to bloating. This problem occurs when too much air enters into the digestive tract, as often happens when you eat too fast.

Here are 5 ways to slow down with your eating:

  • Plan to spend 30 minutes eating your dinner meal

  • Use smaller dishes and utensils

  • Count to ten before each bite

  • Hold a conversation during your meal

  • Drink a glass of water before you eat

Forcing yourself into the habit of eating more slowly will take effort. But it will pay off big time – especially if your goal is weightloss!


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