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30-day Follow Along Bootcamp

  • 60Days
  • 51Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Would you like to know exactly what to do to eliminate fat and stay healthy without starving? If you would like to lose weight permanently then join FITSQUAD today. Here's what you'll get if you start now: #12 FITSQUAD AFTERBURN training sessions to do anytime anywhere with our mobile app. #A 4-week exercise program using an exclusive combination bodyweight exercises to increase caloric expenditure. #up to 20 workouts to be done in 30 days You have only 3 options. Option 1 - Do nothing about it, but obviously have no results at all. Option 2 - Try it by yourself, expend hours, and hours researching. Try many times until you maybe find a solution. Option 3 - Let us guide you through it. Two top-notch professionals who have helped thousands of people to achieve their dreams. The choice is only yours, the body and the results are also yours 😉💪 Choose wisely.

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Single Payment
3 Plans Available
From NZ$35/week


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