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30 DAY


Would you like to know exactly what to do to eliminate fat and stay healthy without starving? If you would like to lose weight permanently then join FITSQUAD today.

Our results speak for themselves.

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This Program is NOT for you if

You don't take action, but instead, you want to waste all your precious time trying to discover the miracle weight loss formula.

You think you already know everything to build the body of your dreams and you don't want to follow the instructions of a specialist.

You are not interested in using science-based weight-loss strategies, but rather imitating what everyone else is doing.

The truth is: 

The Fitness industry is broken. Instead of helping people to improve their overall health and physical appearance, the weight loss is full of myths, blows, and blatant lies. 

The current gym format does not work. Just look at the statistics. 30.9% of Kiwi adults are overweight.

If you are one of the millions of people who follow all the exercise tips outlined by health and fitness “gurus”, but still carry excess body fat, it's not your fault! 

No matter how much you think you have "bad genetics", and no matter how frustrated you may feel after trying and failing many weight loss formulas, you can absolutely have the slim, attractive body you have always dreamed of. 

What really differentiates this program from the others? 


Weight loss is not a magic formula. It is something that must be taken seriously as it involves specialized knowledge. 

If you only go on a restrictive diet, you are likely to give up halfway. If you do boring exercises, you will also give up. 

Our program involves exercises and a diet plan so that you finally get what you need to reach Caloric Deficit. 


There are several reasons for you to increase your energy expenditure with Fitsquad 30 day body transformation.


1. It is easier to maintain. 
As said before, people who exercise are able to eat better, sleep better, and control anxiety better. Therefore, it is the best way to start your weight loss. 

2. There is no need to go hungry. 
You can start without giving up what you like to eat. You will find that your diet will gradually improve if you force yourself. Even so, "tasty foods" can remain on your menu, as exceptions and not as a rule. 


3.The more you do, the easier it gets. 
Over time your metabolism will accelerate and your body's energy expenditure, even at rest, will start to get higher. Then you will be able to increase the calorie deficit with less effort. 


4.It's healthy and safe. 
It is not just a weight loss program, it is also a health program. It is probably much safer than the way you are living today. 
You will be reducing your risk of depression, diabetes, and heart disease. 
It will also improve your productivity at work and your sex life, for example. 



Here's what you'll get if you start now: 


12 FITSQUAD AFTER BURN training sessions to do anytime anywhere with our mobile app.


Diet Plan to start adopting healthier options.  


Shopping list to prepare food each week. 

A 4-week exercise program using an exclusive combination body weight exercises to increase caloric expenditure. A total of 20 workouts.

Expert advice from top notch professionals.

You will purchase your 30 Day Body Transformation Program for a fraction of what you would normally pay. 


Having a specialized weight loss program with a Personal Trainer can be really expensive. One session will cost between $100 and $150. Doing 3 sessions per week, for 4 weeks, would cost between $1200 and $1800. 

A good nutritionist will cost you another $300 for a good 30-day program.

And even if you spend all that money, you wouldn't be sure of the results. 

I don't want you to go through this and for that reason, I am offering this service. 

My goal is to help people transform their health and learn to stay in shape without suffering.


That is why I offer this service, not for $2100, not for $1,500. 
In fact, the price does not reach 5% of that, as you will have instant access for only $79.00. 



My goal is to make sure you’re safe, happy, and making progress with every workout!



Great Price

For less than $2.00 a day, you have a diet plan and an exercise program.


No equipment required

Body weight exercises only. So there's no extra costs to run the program.


Low Risk, High Reward Training

We designed every step to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefit out of each exercise while staying safe.  


Flexible hours

Short sessions you can literally do anytime and anywhere. No more excuses.


Adelle Hammer

After going 3x week for 6 weeks I was the fittest and most toned I have ever been. I loved it so much I kept going. Raphael is an awesome trainer!!! He really knows how to get the best out of everyone, provides a variety of exercises and workouts for people at all levels of fitness. Raphael really does make this boot camp something no one else can!!

Shane Twenlow

Having trained with weights, cardio and trainers for 25 years I can can honestly say my body has never been in better shape and enjoyment levels never been higher than the last 18 months training with Rapheal and Gabi. Each session is different which adds to the enjoyment factor with plenty of options for the beginner through to those who wish to push hard. Their level of professionalism and passion for fitness and wanting their clients to succeed is second to none. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Nura Moosavi

I did workouts with Rapha during lockdown and I really loved it. I do crossfit on a daily basis but his workouts were really cool because they were focused on core and to me that's super important to be strong overall and avoid back problems. I really recommend his bootcamp classes as they're never boring and since you're with a team you feel motivated the entire time :)

Eduardo Amendola

Raphael is a top notch professional! Very dedicated and hard-working. His bootcamp sessions are awesome and he really knows how to push everyone's limit in a very positive way, regardless of their level. I can't recommend Fitsquad enough, just give it a try and you'll see what I mean


Rikke Jorgensen

As an overweight woman having doubt about exercise and minor anxiety working out in front of others, I can whole heartedly say Raphael got your back from the get go! He knows your limits and your strengths, and despite having a whole class of 10 or so people, he still manage to focus on the individual. He has quickly become one of my favourite trainers and given me the love back for exercising! Thank you ☺

Therese Malcom

I have thoroughly enjoyed the different workouts provided by the trainer. Likes to mix things up and always keep you on your toes! Starting with very little technique or any sort of fitness level to being able to confidently to all workouts and push myself physically. Would highly recommend for anyone keen to try and at any fitness level!

Raphael Victoria

Raphael has over 19+ years experience in the fitness industry and has dedicated his life to fitness training and preparation based on up-to-date scientific evidence.

Hi, I am Raphael Victoria creator of Fitsquad Bootcamp. Throughout my fitness career, I found that people don't like exercising in traditional gyms. So I came up with an exclusive training method that is fast and efficient. My sessions will burn body fat and prepare your body for any challenge life throws at you.

Fitsquad has already helped thousands of people improve their lives and now it's the perfect time to join us. Stop wasting your time with boring long workouts and get results today with our quick sessions.


You have only 3 options.

Option 1 - Do nothing about it, but obviously have no results at all.

Option 2 - Try it by yourself, expend hours, and hours researching. Try many times until you maybe find a solution.

Option 3 - Let us guide you through it. Two top-notch professionals who have helped thousands of people to achieve their dreams.

The choice is only yours, the body and the results are also yours 😉💪

Choose wisely.

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