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5 Tips to Stay Healthy During Lockdown

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1. Get a daily dose of fresh air -

It's good for your physical and mental health to go outside for a walk or run. Again, plan it into your schedule so you are doing it every day. Getting out of the house will make you feel better. Do you need help with that? FITSQUAD has a full 9-week running schedule for complete beginners run their first 5K.

2. Strengthen your immune system - Eating well and exercising regularly will increase your body's defense. To cope well with stress, your goal should be to eat more fruit and veges. 3. Sleep well - make sure you are able to sleep at least 7 hours each day to minimize stress and optimize your body's recovery. 4. Connect with people - A lack of face to face contact with others is tough. However, there are lots of other ways to stay in touch. Pick up the phone, video call friends or family, and stay in touch online. Check-in on family, friends, and workmates. Offer to do the grocery shopping for a vulnerable neighbor, or dishes for your flatmate. The wonderful thing about generosity is that it comes right back to you.

5. Exercise - Staying at home can make it more of a challenge to stay active, but physical activity has many positive benefits – including improving circulation, helping with brain health and memory, and boosting energy. On top of the physical benefits, it also enhances mood, improves motivation, and leads to a greater sense of enjoyment. We do offer Live workouts on ZOOM for only $10 check it out at and online programs at

As you can see we are running daily Live sessions FREE of charge for our members. Non members can also join us either buying a membership or paying $10 for a casual session.


On top of our live sessions, we also offer complete fitness plans to guide you step by step through the lockdown.

From only $39.99 you can purchase:

1. LOCKDOWN FITNESS FIX - a comprehensive BODY WEIGHT training schedule with workout videos guiding you through 4 weeks. With our lockdown fitness fix you can literally exercise anytime, anywhere for less than $1.45 a day.

2. COUCH TO 5K - 24 running workouts to be done over 9 weeks. Whether you are brand new to running or you are getting back to it after a long break it is important to do it gradually.

You can also use the challenge to complement your routine and torch more calories.

Forget the $$$ excuses because it is super cheap. Forget the weather excuses because you can do it from home.

No equipment required so it's just another excuse you won't be able to use.

I can keep going on and on but by now you understood


The perfect time to stop the excuses cycle is NOW BY

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