Do you actually like running?

In an ideal world, all the things that we should do, we would ENJOY doing. That way, we would actually do them!

We would clean, study, take out the rubbish and go to the dentist without having to be asked twice. But, for most things this is just not reality.

What about exercise? We all know that we should exercise to get into shape and be healthier, happier versions of ourselves. But can everyone enjoy it?

Yes! There are so many different ways to exercise. Which means, you just need to find a type of exercise that you like, and the ideal world can become your reality!

So the most important question for the Couch to 5K challenge is:  Do you LIKE running?  Some people love the feeling of their lungs burning and their legs moving.  Others need an adjustment period to find out if they enjoy running.  And then there are those that after running, look a lot like the Grinch on Christmas..there's no way that they like running or could ever like running!    Now, if you're Batman on a chase after the Joker, you don't have the option to fly like Superman..whether you like running or not, it's part of the job and you have to get it done.  But, for you, running is an option! Running a 5K is a great and worthwhile achievement and goal, but it's important to remember that it is only one of the many ways to exercise, get in shape and stay healthy. So think of Couch to 5K, as a science experiment: “I hypothesize that participating in Couch to 5K will help me run a 5K. I also hypothesize I’ll enjoy the process, enjoy how I feel after a run, enjoy running a 5K, and/or enjoy the achievement of having run a 5K.”  And that’s all this is: an experiment to see if running is the type of exercise you want to continue doing consistently for the next few years.

If 2 weeks into Couch to 5K you’re miserable and hate it: fantastic! You just discovered that you hate running and are now free to NEVER RUN EVER AGAIN, FOREVER. In fact, forcing yourself to run even though you don't like it would be a big mistake. If this is you now or in the future, it does NOT make you a failure. In fact, your science experiment produced a very important result that you can now use to inform future exercise decisions. You found a type of exercise that doesn’t work for you and you can now look for another. So, treat your Couch to 5K experience as an experiment to see if you enjoy running. If you discover you LOVE running and how it makes you feel: fantastic! You can now make running part of your regular exercise routine and you’ve found something you can do for the rest of your life. If you are running to prove something to yourself, because a friend is doing it, because you’re raising money for charity, or anything else: fantastic! Do Couch to 5K and then decide if this is the strategy that you enjoy and want to stick with permanently. But, if running is making you miserable, stop. Don’t run. Ever. Instead, try a different type of exercise that you will actually enjoy.  At Fitsquad, we run bootcamps that bring together different types of exercise strategies. If running isn't for you, or you want to see what else is out there, come along to one of our sessions and see how you like it!  If weight loss above all else is your goal, I HAVE PARTNERED UP WITH LIFE SPARK FOR AN UPCOMING PRODUCT JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER. DETAILS TO COME BY THE END OF THIS RUNNING CHALLENGE.

One way or another, we want to provide you with an exercise strategy that you will enjoy. Because, doing an exercise you love means that you will stick to it and do it for the rest of your life.. with a smile on your face :)

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