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5 Fantastic Benefits of Bootcamp Group Training

When most people get interested in fitness and decide to get started, they don’t know where to begin.

After all, there are so many moving parts, that putting everything together and making it work can be quite challenging.

Typically, folks start their fitness journey in a gym setting, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, an alternative that works much better for everyone is FITSQUAD bootcamp group training.

Today, we’ll go over five solid reasons why that is the case.

#1 There Is An Element of Accountability

Many people struggle to stay consistent with their training because there is no element of accountability. In other words, nobody expects them to show up.

So, when people feel tired or unmotivated to exercise, they come up with some excuse to stay at home.

But, by belonging to FITSQUAD bootcamp and knowing that people expect you to show up (and, by extension, will ask why you weren’t around last time), you’re much more likely to motivate yourself and show up every time.

#2 You Are Taught Proper Technique and Form

Proper technique is the most fundamental element of fitness. After all, how we perform each exercise will have a considerable impact on our long-term results and safety.

So, it’s crucial to learn how to do each exercise correctly. If we ingrain poor movement patterns in the beginning, we will be at a much higher risk of injuries and aches down the road. Plus, poor movement patterns prevent us from training our muscles effectively and achieving the best results.

The great thing about FITSQUAD bootcamp group training is that you are taught proper technique from the start, and you get to observe your instructor and fellow trainees for the duration of each workout.

#3 Support

One of the most profound benefits of group training is the support. When you first join FITSQUAD bootcamp, the first thing you notice is that you’re surrounded by like-minded, optimistic, and cheerful individuals who are there to support each other.

No matter what your starting point is, people will support and encourage you to improve. This positive environment could be just what you’ve always needed to make training a habit and more importantly, to push yourself during each workout.

And speaking of support:

#4 Group Classes Are Fun and Motivating

Most people overlook one vital factor for long-term success:

How much fun they are having during their workouts.

Prevailing wisdom suggests that we should suck it up, go hard, and feel satisfied with ourselves. But, if we don’t enjoy the process and rarely look forward to the upcoming workout, how can we expect to stay consistent in the long run?

The great thing about FITSQUAD bootcamps is that they are fun, varied, you get to work out with other like-minded individuals, and the whole thing is hugely motivating.

#5 You Have Structure And Progression


We all start somewhere. Some folks are naturally more athletic, while others need to work harder to achieve the same results.

One of the greatest benefits of group training is that these classes offer two fundamental elements of long-term fitness success – structure and progression.

Instead of going into each workout, wondering what you’ll be doing on that day, you have an actionable plan to follow. And, so long as you apply yourself and stay consistent, you will progress. It might not seem like much on a weekly basis, but within a few months, you will be amazed at the amount of progress you’ve made.


Talking about group training, we have partnered up with @run4auckland so all members doing the COUCH TO 5K Challenge will also have the benefits of group training while running their kilometers on the weekend.

Run 4 Auckland is FREE OF CHARGE and happens every SUNDAY at 10am

Below is the video of Diego Malheiro explaining how it works ;]


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